SoftRobot the story.

We are a software development company founded in September of 2015. We specialise in services that take companies to the next level with the help of artificial intelligence.

It all started with an idea.

It all started with an idea. SoftRobot founder Jan Lundqvist has 10+ years of experience as a leader of a company helping others to digitize and streamline their administrative workflows. The company works with all types of documents such as medical journals, tax forms, and historical documents to clients.

In 2014 Jan, with his technological background and expertise, came up with the idea of mapping these processes and convert them to artificial intelligence models, together with industry-specific expertise from various domains, like auditing, accounting and legal.

Since then, SoftRobot has transformed this idea into the scalable machine learning platform AIIDA and the insights platform SIEGFRIED and extended these platforms to various industries that are in need of more effective technology.